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Welcome to the Website
Antony John

Welcome new & old friends! There’s an old saying (Well, at least the farmer who thought of it was old!), “seed never does any good sitting in a packet”. After being in business for so long, and the success of “The Manic Organic” (we’re big in Nigeria – who knew?), we’ve finally decided to launch a website!
  We’ll keep you posted on the comings and goings, waxing and wanings, and ebb and flow, of life on our farm. Like the onions we grow, our website gets more interesting with each layer you delve into!

(or, perhaps it’ll just make you cry!)

Over the years, we’ve built up a remarkable foundation of knowledge, based on our experience as artisanal food producers. Our mailing list allows us to share our experience and ideas, from how to grow delicious, healthy food organically, to how best to eat it. Along the way, you’ll also get to know the complex biotic relationships that exist on our farm.